Saturday, November 22 2014

Stopover in Tha Khaek


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After spending almost a week in southern Laos, I realized that I needed to head up North faster because I was running out of time. I had to skip Savannakhet which apparently is a charming former colonial town. I briefly stopped at Tha Khaek on my way to Vientiane.
Local bus to Thakhek

Travelers usually use Tha Khaek as a starting point for off-the-beaten-track motorbike adventures around the nearby national protected areas. However, you'll need to know how to ride a motorbike on pretty rough tracks and at least 4 to 5 days to enjoy the tour. Since I lacked both time and ability to drive I spent only a few hours in this city.

Sunday, May 12 2013

A short trip across Spain


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From Tangier, Morocco, I crossed the strait of Gibraltar to Tarifa by ferry and made my way back home overland in 4 short days. With such a short time, I couldn't spend very long anywhere. Luckily, it wasn't the first time there...
The first stop was Granada which has many similarities with Moroccan imperial cities since it's been occupied for almost 7 centuries by Muslims.
Granada - Albayzin

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Tuesday, April 3 2012

A long journey to Turkey


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The original plan to get to Turkey from Mykonos was to go first to Syros were ferry connections are much better and then hop on a night ferry to Samos to spend a couple of days before crossing to Turkey.

Bad choice ! The 7h stopover in Syros made me regret not staying more. Ermoupolis the main city of the island is quite beautiful (especially Ano Syros the former catholic neighborhood) and much different than the other cities in the Cyclades (classical architecture which would suit Athens).
Syros: main square

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Friday, February 18 2011

Stopping at Tafi del Valle


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Day 137

My next stop after Tucuman should have been Cafayate. Unfortunately, there's a huge festival there until the end of the week and accommodations seem to be quite crowded. Instead, I went to Tafi del Valle, a small village on the road to Cafayate.

Luckily, this village also has its own festival... And not ANY festival !
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Saturday, January 1 2011

Happy Easter !!!


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Day 90

I wish you the most stunning Easter ever with more chocolate you could eat and a lot of eggs :-)

Since I recently had a lot of complaints for not updating this blog as much as I used to, here's a post ! Obviously, I admit it's not really original but I still wish you the best for this new year !
New Year's Eve dinner

I'm just halfway in this journey. The past 3 months in Asia have been flying super fast. In a few days I'll fly to another continent after a quick stop in Hong Kong. We'll see if it's still as exciting and amazing and if I decide to sign up for another 2 years traveling :-D

Best wishes !

Saturday, December 11 2010

Unexpected stop at Orchha


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Day 68-69

From Agra (the city of the Taj Mahal) I had planned to go to Khajuraho, home of some quite explicit carvings. More on this tomorrow (teaser... :-) ). To go there, I had to take a train to Jhansi then a bus to Khajurao.

Unfortunately (or not) all the trains from Agra were delayed due to a power shortage. Consequently, I missed the last bus heading to Khajurao. Instead of staying at Jhansi which is a rather dull city, I decided to go to Orchha a small village 15km from Jhansi. That was definitely a good move !
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Friday, August 13 2010

The planned itinerary


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After I've spent a lot of nights, trying to figure out how I could plan my trip taking into account :

  • the places I consider as "must-see"
  • the weather conditions
  • my limited time-frame (from October 2010 to March 2011)
  • the availability of the friends I want to visit on my way
  • the conditions of my RTW ticket (probably OneWorld explorer)
  • plenty of other small details

I think I've finally managed to end up with something almost sustainable :

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